Cincinnati pride events in 2018

America is known to be the land of democracy, where everyone is equal. People aren’t treated based on their ethnicity, religion, skin color and sexual preferences. This is one of the reason, why many people choose this content to start their lives. Even though homosexuality is regarded with concern in many states all over the world, that’s not the case with America. Here, people are free to express their preferences and be open about their partners. Over the years, many cities in the U.S. started organizing pride events, and Cincinnati is one them. The pride takes place on 23rd July every year, and this year it’s celebrating its 45th anniversary, which is a huge accomplishment. Everyone is welcome to come, and organizers have prepared a rich content for all attendants.

The pride walk

The pride walk is a traditional gathering of people who, regardless of their sexual preferences, which takes place at the 7th street and Central Avenue, following the 7th Street into the next intersection at Vine Street, passing the Fountain Square and continuing on Freedom Way. Everyone is welcome, and every year a lot of people come to support this event. There is some kind of unique atmosphere around Cincinnati pride and the only way to experience it is if you come here. People are friendly, welcoming and always in a great mood. You will see families with kids wandering around, old married couples and a lot of other people who aren’t part of the gay community. This is only one of the proofs that Cincinnati pride is an event for everyone, not just gay people.

Concerts and shows

cincinnatiDuring this event, the audience is entertained with a lot of performers, and even some celebrities come to support the audience and people attending the pride. So, it’s not a common this to hear Madonna singing at Cincinnati pride. In addition to this, people come wearing different costumes which help them express their nature and real emotions. This is probably one of the rare places where you will see the parade of spectacular costumes and great people who are wearing them. In addition to this, every year organizes promote the artist in their community, so you will have a chance to see some of the spectacular pieces these people make and of course buy them. This is one of the way how they fundraise Cincinnati pride.


If you want to support this manifestation, you can apply for volunteering program. They accept application all year; you just need to fill out the form on the website. A lot of people are willing to help, and this is an excellent way to provide your support for all people who need it. At this event, you can see a lot of young people who are contributing and delivering their help so that everything will run smoothly. If you ever decide to visit the Cincinnati pride, then you won’t make a mistake, whether you are gay or straight, everyone will welcome you.